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We are a contract research institute (CRO) based in Neuenhagen near Berlin. As a CRO, we provide clinical and medical, research-related services in oncology for our customers, the majority of whom come from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


These services include, but are not limited to, data collection and management, statistical analysis, study design and management, study center recruitment and management, safety monitoring and medical writing in gynecological oncology.


Since September 2020 we have been the exclusive partner of the BNGO e.V. (Berufsverband Niedergelassener Gynaekologischen Onkologen in Deutschland e.V.), the professional association of German gynecological oncologists and since July 2021, an exclusive partner of the Melanoma World Society (MWS).

This partnerships represents a valuable opportunity for all our industry partners, who have the opportunity to connect directly with health professionals (HCPs) and their patients, as well as for HCPs who have the opportunity to participate in scientific, value-adding activities for themselves and their patients.

Another field of interest is the creation of a national and international scientific network, both centralised and decentralised, for the collection and analysis of clinical and real-world data in collaboration with professional societies, professional associations, health authorities and pharmaceutical/biotech companies. 

In this regard, HERACLIN plays the role of connecting these stakeholders, creating value for them and, above all, serving as a strategic partner in the field of medical and clinical research.


These unique capabilities of our company, a reliable management approach and a solid network make HERACLIN a valuable partner and guarantee high-quality results in line with the goals of our stakeholders.

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